Sunday, June 7, 2015

Part III: The Recovery

In the last blog post, I describe how the Microware CoCo 3s were taken from Microware by Scott McGee and given (gratis) to Bro. Jeremy at a mid-1990s Chicago CoCoFEST, whereupon they were shown there and at subsequent fests. During that time, they remained in the possession of Brother Jeremy.

The ending to this three part tale is rather short, but necessary to provide closer to the larger story.

Fast forward to 2012. At this point in time Bro. Jeremy has moved to England and no longer attends CoCoFESTs on a regular basis. Curious about the fate of the Microware CoCo 3's, I contacted our community monk to learn exactly where the computers where. As it turned out, he left them at his home monastery in Wisconsin.

We discussed an arrangement for them to be shipped to me in Louisiana, where they now reside.

And now you know.... the REST of the story.


  1. awesome....totally awesome !!!

  2. I'm glad those historically significant machines in tact and in safe hands. Also, the reference to Paul Harvey is classic :)